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What is Doula Support?

Giving birth is an intense physical and emotional experience. It can make a big difference to have someone there to understand and support you.

Throughout the ages, birthing women have been comforted and reassured by other experienced women. Today, things aren’t the same. So you can choose to have a professional labor support person called a doula (DOO-lah; Greek for "woman who serves") who is trained to provide women with supportive care during childbirth

Who is a Birth Doula?

Doula is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother who is expecting and giving birth. The doula’s purpose is to hold this space for the birthing women and support her to have a safe, memorable and satisfying birthing experience.

While they have good knowledge and awareness of the birth process, a doula does not support the mother-to-be in a medical role. That is the job of the midwife or doctor. A doula helps the mother-to-be to experience the birth she hopes for. Should a birth become complicated, a doula will still remain by your side and help you make the best of the situation. She will not make decisions for you, but she will assist you through the decision making process. A doula provides balanced information so the couple can make their own choices. 

Many women consider doulas to be very helpful, especially for those giving birth in a hospital. Due to the over-medicalisation of birth, inductions of labor have skyrocketed and numerous babies now born via c-section. By amping up your support team with experienced, continuous care from a doula, you're giving yourself an increased chance at a better experience.  

Evidence shows that having Doula can:

 - Reduce the risk of a c-section by 39% 

 - Increase the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth by 15%. 

- Lower the need for medical pain relief by 10%

- Shorter labors : by 41 minutes on average 

- Healthier babies : Decrease in baby’s risk of a low five minute Apgar score by 38%

- Reduce the risk of reporting a negative birth experience by 31%

Doula Services Package

  Doula package for Delhi NCR: 

  1. Atleast one prenatal visit to make & discuss the birth plan
  2. 24/7 availability on phone and support for urgent questions 
  3. Accompany you once your labor sets in until after birth
  4. Help establish breastfeeding right after birth (wherever possible)
  5. Atleast one postpartum visit to see how you are and to review your feelings about your birth experience.

What your doula will not do:

  • She will not do anything medical (but we’ll work alongside those who do as a team)
  • She will not speak for you - I will however help facilitate communication with care providers
  • She will not replace the role of your partner (husband/family member)
  • She cannot guarantee any specific birth outcome and cannot be held accountable in anyway

Service Fees: The fee for this is usually Rs. 15,000 to 30,000 depending on the specific requirements and experience of the doula. We are happy to discuss this further with you and share a customised proposal


If my spouse/partner will be there do I really need a Birth Doula?

A Doula is someone who has special experience and education to provide support in labour. While a partner may be your perfect emotional support, it’s quite unrealistic for them to remember everything they learned in childbirth classes or to remain unemotionally involved in the experience. A Doula is not there to replace your partner in any way. In fact, most support people will say that their Doula helped them become more involved in the birth experience by encouraging them to do things they wouldn’t have thought of.

I really want a doula, but my partner’s not convinced. Now what?

This is a common concern, and a tough one! The best suggestion is to show your partner the statistics on doulas and their benefits. The evidence is overwhelming! Then you may ask your partner if they will sit through just one interview. You may consider doing some phone interviews ahead of time to find a doula you think will be a good fit, and then have your partner meet her. Many partners realize just how ‘normal’ it feels once they actually meet a real doula.

I really want a doula, but I can’t afford one. Now what?

Doulas are professionals with a significant amount of training and an unparalleled dedication to their clients. Doulas leave holiday and birthday dinners for their clients. They work for sometimes 24 hours to support clients through difficult births. This specialised service is really worth every cent. However, please discuss your financial constraint with us and we will try our best to make this affordable for you.


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